Team Battle

If Referral is an additional feature to create more profits for Farmers and attract more users to the wannaswap ecosystem, today we are pleased to present to you a new feature called Team Battle. — a trading contest. The goal of this feature is to bring more profits to wannaswap traders, increase trading volume and reward stakers through increased transaction fees.

SWAP (or trade) is a daily activity of users. Usually traders will be charged a fee per transaction. But with this feature, traders also have the opportunity to make more profits from their SWAP (TRADE) activity in a simple way.

There are 3 teams and every trader will have the right to choose to become a member in any team he want. Every week, the total trading volume of the teams will be ranked by the system. The prize will be divided among the teams based on the rank (60%, 30%, 10% respectively) and the team members will also be divided based on the percentage that they contribute to the total volume of the team. Rankings and prizes are announced every Friday then traders can claim their reward immediately. Note: Total volume per team will also be calculated by week, not cumulative.

As previously announced, tokenomics has been designed with 3.5% SWAP REWARD. This is the reward of the Team Battle feature. There will be no impact on Farming’s token allocation.

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