My World Cup 2022

A gift to Wannatics

First of all, we want to confirm this is not a betting feature as rumored. Because participants will not suffer any loss whether they win or lose. This is simply a feature to reward the lucky ones and make your festival even more festive during WC 2022. We call it My World Cup 2022.


Live Website & Start : At 4 AM UTC Nov.20.2022.

End: At 2:45 PM UTC Dec.18.2022.

Claim Reward: At 2:45 PM UTC Dec.19.2022


It’s the champion prediction for WC 2022.

Participants must use WANNA-USDC LP tokens to lock into the pool of their chosen team. Feel free to participate and make your predictions without worrying about loss because whether it's right or wrong, your staked LP tokens will be refunded 100%. Yes, 100%!

When you lock into the pool of any team, you will receive Fan Token of corresponding team at 1:1 ratio based on the value of the LP pair and anchored on amount of WANNA. For example: Your LP tokens is equal to 1000WANNA-1USDC, its value will be 2000 WANNA and you will receive 2000 Fan Tokens of that team. This type of Fan Token is only a receipt of your selection and proof of reward. It cannot be transferred between wallets, not even liquidity. Based on the amount of Fan Tokens you are holding, you can claim worthy rewards.

Your Reward = [%FanToken (of winner) you have]*Total Reward

= [Amount of Your Fan token/ Total supply that Fan token] * Total Reward.

Don't wait until the last minute to choose. Because we make it fair for early participants by allowing users to stake their Fan Tokens to mint more, increase the ownership percentage because the champion will be getting clearer and clearer, this is unfair in sports predictions. The STAKING APR will also decrease over time to ensure maximum fairness.

An example: Alice staked 1000WANNA – 10USDC into Germany Team and receive 2000 Fan Token GER on Nov.24, 2022. John staked 15000WANNA – 50USDC into Germany Team to receive 30000 Fan Token GER on Dec.20.2022- almost 1 month after Alice's choice, so to ensure fairness for Alice, Fan Token Staking feature is launched. Alice can stake her GER tokens, after 1 month she will definitely have more than late participants like John. With more GERs, Alice will get a reward bigger than John.

Another way to earn more Fan Tokens is to participate in MATCH BETTING everyday with your Fan Tokens. We will have exciting matches everyday (follow our channels for accurate information). You can bet an amount of Fan Tokens to get the corresponding amount if you win. But if you lose, your Fan Tokens will be burnt.

An example: Alice has 2000 GER (minted by LP staking) + 300 GER (profit from Fan Token Staking) = 2300 GER. She decides to claim Staking profit and bet 200 GER on match Portugal vs Germany. If she wins, she will earn more 200 GER, then her GER balance will be 2500 GER. If she loses, that 200 GER will be burnt, she has only 2100 GER left.

Process maps


As mentioned, whether you win or lose, you will not lose any LP tokens, because the reward is not taken from losers but from project's budget and divided among winners according to that Fan Token ownership percentage. In which Total Supply of Fan Token is the amount minted by staking LP tokens + the amount minted by Fan Token Staking + the amount minted by Match Betting – the amount burnt by Match Betting.

Total Reward is equal to pool value of champion team and its maximum is 5M WANNA. For example: Germany is the champion team and Germany's Pool has 2M WANNA - 500k USDC, so the reward is 4M WANNA.

How to get reward?

1 day after the champion team is determined, all participants will be allowed to redeem 100% of their locked LP and attached reward.

Please make sure that you have claimed and unstaked all your Fan Tokens into your wallet before redeeming because besides returning the LP tokens, system will also check your Fan Tokens balance in order to send your corresponding reward.

Warning: In case you forget claiming or unstaking within the specified time limit, the affected reward value will not be our responsibility.

List of Fan Tokens

Introduction and detail instructions

1. Home page feature

2. How to stake LP tokens and receive your Fan Tokens?

3. How to stake your Fan Tokens and mint more?

4. How to unstake Fan Token?

5. How to bet on daily matches? How to claim if you win?

6. How to redeem your LP tokens and attached reward?

Finally, share our product to everyone for making your football festival even more festive during WC 2022.

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