The Vision

Ethereum is a legend platform that contributes greatly to the development of the crypto world. However, along with that, the issues of transaction fees and speed have a large impact on the user. Near was developed with many advantages to solve the above problems, create many benefits for users. But the influence of Ethereum during the past time causes difficulties for developers to build their ecosystem (must to change the structures too much) as well as user habits. In that context, Aurora was born with the mission to be the bridge between Near and Ethereum. This will surely attract developers, users and cash flow to the Near ecosystem.
Therefore, the mission of WannaSwap - one of the first platforms built on Near's Aurora EVM is to be the locomotive, welcome users as well as incubating and supporting future projects.
At first, we will focus on developing a powerful Defi platform because this is an important and indispensable factor for any ecosystem. Our team will always aim for improvement both in benefits and in user experience. We don’t put ourselves in a safe zone but always research and innovate in the development path to match the development direction of the crypto world.
The ultimate goal is to maximize the benefits for users, build an ecosystem on Near and contribute to the development of the crypto world - Be the liquidity hub.
Last modified 2yr ago